Game 06: “Cold Winter Days”

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Purchase Game04+Game05+Game06 ($5 discount):

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As always a purchase comes with a free bonus download code (sent to your paypal’s email) to share with whomever you like. The package deal only gets you one bonus code though (for game06).

Game06 has a price increase that has doubled from the previous games, mostly because of all the content we stuffed in there. I hope this doesn’t offend too many peoples budgets.

Made a small change to buying codes, you can no longer buy extra codes with the pay-what-you-want on bandcamp (everything above price goes to the next game fund).

Instead use the paypal button and list in the comment box what you want codes for. And because we save some fees by selling without bandcamp the codes are 50cents off this way (game04/05 are $3.50, game06 is $7.50).

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